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Nightcap-Estate 500ml


Brut Sparkling-Lodi 
Peach Sparkling- Lodi 
Dessert Wine Late Harvest Zinfandel-Estate  

White Wines 

2019 Bianca-Estate 
2020 Bianca-Estate 
2018 Chardonnay-Calaveras- 
2020 Chardonnay-El Dorado  
2019 Sauvignon Blanc-Sonoma  
2020 Vermentino-Estate  
2020 White Hermit-Estate  
2019 White Hermit-Estate  
2019 White Barbera-Estate  
2020 White Barbera-Estate  
2020 Ponderose' Estate  
2020 Rose' of Sangiovese-Estate  

Red Wines 

2018 1880-Estate 
2018 Barbera-Amador 
2018 Charbono-Estate 
2018 Château Au Cielo-Estate  
2019 Grenache Nouveau  
2018 Howard's Last Hand  
2018 Merlot-Estate Managed 
2018 Rami's Red Zin  

Tasting Menu

2020 Vermentino-Estate
Retail $28    Wine Club $22.40

Tasting Notes: Originating from the island of Sardinia, this wine opens with salty, sea breeze notes. Aromas of citrus like lime and grapefruit followed by pear and peach will delight your senses. 

2021 White Barbera - Estate
Retail $28    Wine Club $22.40
Tasting Notes:
This wine is bright and full of energy. Tartness from green apple & lime pith. Crisp and tart as it transitions to bigger on the palette than your traditional white wine. The color will surprise you. 

2020 White Hermit-Estate 
Retail $28    Wine Club $22.40

This Marsanne and Roussanne blend is intensely floral with acacia and chamomile coupled with stone fruits of pear, apricot, and quince. The bouquet is wrapped up by a zesty burst of lemon rind and the sweetness of beeswax. It is fuller bodied with a soft and supple texture. 

2020 Ponderose’- Estate (Primitivo/Mourvedre’)
Retail $28    Wine Club $22.40
Tasting Notes:
The nose is full of ripe fruits like strawberry, raspberry, marionberry and cherry. Watermelon and cantelope wrap up the finish along with nectarine and grapefruit.

Peach Sparkling-Lodi 
Retail $22      Wine Club $17.60

Always a favorite at Cielo, this Chardonnay done in a Champagne style is infused with natural peach flavor. 

Red Wines

2019 Grenache Nouveau-Estate 
Retail $28    Wine Club $22.49
Tasting Notes:
This wine is fresh, fruit centric, and very low in tannins. The aromas start out with fruits like blueberry, pomegranate, and black cherry, followed by jammy red fruits like raspberry, strawberry, and grape. It has a crisp and refreshing feel without compromising the soft and mellow finish. 

2018 Merlot – Placer County (Gold Medal Winner!)
Retail $32    Wine Club $25.60
Tasting Notes:  
Aromas of Boysenberry, black cherry, blackberry. Bright red fruit is balanced with earthy tones of mushroom, cedar forest, wet rock, and black cardamom. Low in tannins and acid. 

2019 Sangiovese-Estate
Retail $32    Wine Club $25.60
Tasting Notes:
This wine opens with cherry and dried strawberry followed by savory and earthy tones of dried herbs, rose petals and roasted tomatoes that make Sangiovese special. The palate is bright and savory finishing with a lasting smooth grip and long tannin structure.    

2018 Patramoine-Estate 
Retail $28    Wine Club $22.40
Tasting Notes:
Blackberry, black cherry, and black currants dominate the fruit profile of this Winemaker’s blend. Floral notes of violet and cherry blossom soften the dried herbs, nuts and cooked mushroom complimented with spices of clove and black pepper.

Late Harvest Dessert Wine 
Retail $30.00    Wine Club $24


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